Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.


I'm a passionate software engineer with a strong foundation in coding and technology. This foundation fuels my work as a Lead Engineer, where I leverage expertise in TypeScript, Swift, SwiftUI, Bash, PowerShell, C++ (and more!) to tackle complex challenges and build innovative solutions.

But my journey in software development wasn't linear. In 2019, I graduated from SAE Institute in London with a degree in Games Programming. Afterward, I took a unique path, wearing three hats simultaneously: System Administrator, DevOps Engineer, and Developer at an IT Support Company. This experience broadened my skillset and solidified my passion for building applications that make a difference in people's daily lives.

This passion propelled me to join a Swift Developer Program that concluded in January 2023. I'm currently studying a Masters in Frontend technologies such as React, Angular, Vue..., expanding my knowledge to create even more impactful applications.


Master FrontEnd Online (Online, LemonCode, 2024-Current)

Swift Developer Program (Madrid, Apple Coding Academy, 2023)

BSC Games Programming (London, SAE Institute, 2019)





Bash & Powershell

Swift & SwiftUI