TBBT Guide


I developed an application that helps you track the Big Bang Theory Episodes.

A screenshot of The Big Bang Theory Guide APP

Calling all Bazinga enthusiasts!

Love The Big Bang Theory and want to keep track of your favorite episodes? Look no further!

I built a Big Bang Theory episode guide app using SwiftUI and Swift! This app utilizes a REST API to retrieve all the series episodes and information, allowing you to:

  • Browse all episodes: Navigate through a user-friendly interface built with SwiftUI, showcasing every episode of the show.
  • Track your favorites: Mark the episodes that hold a special place in your Sheldon-loving heart.
  • Secure data storage: The app leverages secure, encrypted storage on your device to keep your favorite episodes safe.
  • This project pushed my coding boundaries! I delved into SwiftUI to create a dynamic and intuitive user experience. Additionally, I explored the power of APIs to gather data and implemented secure user data storage for a seamless experience.

Want to see it in action? Head over to my GitHub repository: